Our Quality Management System is certified according the Standard EN ISO 9001: 2008

In addition, our system for the factory production control is certified according the Standard EN 1090-3

Alumax company has a long-standing experience in the technology of aluminium extrusion and development processes of its related products, and focus on fulfilling the needs of demanding European industrial firms.
Our company supports these firms to effectively develop their final and/or semifinal aluminium extrusion products and/or find solutions related to their supplies.
Our services address the Architectural, Construction, LED industry, PV and other Engineering business fields and generally to all business activities, where aluminium is the basic component of the final and/or semifinal product.
In particular, we offer our customers the assistance they need at the product design stage of aluminium extrusion products and we provide customized solutions for the extrusion, surface finishing, CNC-machining, assembly and the prompt and safe delivery of their products.

In our company you will benefit from our personal involvement and individualized service, thus, ideal purchasing conditions and the reduced costs involved.

On the whole, the advantages our customers benefit working with us already from the design stage, are:
  • The lowest possible production costs and the consistent quality level.
  • The best functionality and appearance of your final product.
  • Fewer assembly parts for your final product.
  • Simplification of the stages which follow the extrusion (cutting, machining and assembly), thus, resulting to lower production costs.
  • Perfect synchronization & cooperation of the involved parts for the successful and prompt completion of the projects.
  • Architectural and constructions
  • LED industry
  • Energy systems and PV
  • Sun protection
  • Parts for machine and apparatus construction
  • Sanitary industry
  • Technical advice and support in the development of your products
  • Fulfillment of your needs for precision custom-made extrusion products.
  • Additional processes, from cutting to machining and the assembly.
  • Technologic know-how and a long-standing expertise
  • Technical advice and specific solutions
  • Prompt response
  • Consistence and steadily high quality level
  • Low production costs and competitive prices